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Mobile Banking

Comerica Bank provides their customers with a host of different Mobile Banking options. The services that they provide are:

Mobile Banking App
You can easily perform your banking tasks using your smartphone if you have the Comerica Bank Mobile Banking App that is available for the iPhone, iPad, Android as well as on your Mobile Browser.


Below are the download links for the apps:

SunMobile App for iPhone

Comercia Mobile Banking App


SunMobile App for Android

Comercia Mobile Banking


SunMobile App for iPad

Comercia Mobile Banking


Comercia Click and Capture

Comercia Click and Capture

Comercia Android App Screenshot

Comercia Android App Screenshot

With the Comerica Bank Mobile Banking app you can:

  • Check the balance and transaction history for your account.
  • You can use the app to transfer funds between your Comerica Bank accounts.
  • The app can also be used to locate any nearby ATMs and Banking centers.
  • You can easily deposit checks to your account by using the Click&Capture deposit feature.

You can also access some of these features by visiting from your smartphone browser without the need of downloading the app.

Text Banking

You can get details of your account by simply sending a command in a text message to 26265. Below is a list of commands that you can send, and their descriptions.

BalUsed for Balance inquiry on all of your registered accounts
Hist + acct nicknameThe last four transactions for the nicknamed account
NextAdditional History for the nicknamed account
StopDeactivates the Phone for Comerica Mobile Banking
HelpGives you a list of text commands and the customer service number
ATM, BranchLocates the nearest ATM or Banking center

Mobile Alerts

You can set it so that you receive notifications related to the status of your accounts by text and/or email.

You can select from a variety of alerts which are:

  • Balance alerts that give you information about your daily balance, or alerts you when you have low balance, negative balance or when you reach your savings goal.
  • Withdrawal alerts notifying you or large withdrawals, large ATM transactions or Large Debit Card Transactions.
Comercia Enroll Signup

Comercia Enroll Signup

How to register for Mobile Alerts?

Visit and then click on sign up

Then you need to provide details that confirm your identity like, the last four digits of our Social Security Number, Your Comerica Bank account number, your First and Last Name and then click on continue.

Then you just need to complete the rest of the procedure and Register for Mobile Alerts.

Person to Person Transfers:

The person to Person Transfer feature is used to securely transfer money to or from your account to anyone, by using just their email address or mobile phone number. It can come in handy if you need to send money to you child at college, or send money to your family or friends etc.

How to use Person to Person Transfer?

To use the feature all you need to do is:

  • Log into you Comerica Mobile Banking account either in your browser or using your mobile app.
  • Click on the transfers tab and select, transfer to a person.
  • Enter the email address of mobile phone number of the recipient.
  • The recipient will then receive a text or mail which will instruct them on how to receive their money.